Supplied in the sizes
5.5 mm6.0 mm6.5 mm6.7 mm7.0 mm7.5 mm
8.0 mm8.5 mm9.0 mm10.0 mm11.0 mm12.0 mm
13.0 mm13.3 mm14.0 mm15.0 mm16.0 mm16.3 mm
17.0 mm17.3 mm18.0 mm19.0 mm20.0 mm21.0 mm
22.0 mm23.0 mm24.0 mm26.0 mm
* Select Grades Only
Heat TreatmentSoft Annealed+ ANormalized+ NAnnealed for cold Shearing+ S
Hardening and Tempering+ VSpheroidised Annealing+ BGIsothermal Annealing+ I
Solution Annealed+ ATAs Rolled+ ARSpherodized Annealed+ AC
Stress Relieved+ SRQuenched and Tempered+ QTNormalized and Tempered+ NT
Quenched and Double Tempered+ QDTTreated to obtain a range of hardness+ THSpheroidised Annealing+ GKZ
Treated for ferrite-pearlite structure+ FPHot Rolled Annealed and Pickled+HRAP
Hot Rolled black wire rod toleranceEN 10060
100% Ultra Sonic tested
100% Crack tested
RadioactivityMaterial free from radioactivity. Material free from mercury and toxic contamination. Material not welded.
Anti-mix test100% through spark test

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