Our Products

The Alok Ingots team comprises of a talented pool of people, whose collective expertise, experience, and dedication to perfection gives them an edge over their competitors. Besides the technical know-how, the team is thoroughly acquainted with the latest demands, and trends in the global steel arena.

At Alok Ingots, the process of identifying the product begins at the consumer end and flows back to the production process. The solutions that we provide are based on a careful analysis of each individual customer’s needs.

People are not known by their dreams but are known by their determination to realise it.”


Industries Served

Satisfied customers include industry leaders from a host of industries in India and worldwide, such as

is-1 Construction / Mining
is-3 Forging
is-6 Oil and Gas
is-5 Automobile
is-4 Tool Steel
is-8Power Generation
is-9Pump Shafts
is-11Boat Shafts
is-12Wind Turbines
is-12Hydraulic Cylinder


ALOK has developed over 300 grades of Special, Alloy & Stainless Steel products for a host of Industries in India and worldwide.
Our team does not shy away from making the most complex grades for our demanding customers.