Pump shafts require a high level of accuracy with respect to mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances and straightness. Close dimensional tolerances and precision straightness ensure that the bars have minimum vibration through the length of the each bar and have minimum wear during the life span of the shaft. At ALOK we produce the finest quality of Pump Shaft materials in grades like 1045, 416, 431, 430F, 304L and 316L.

The well-experienced team at ALOK ensures that only those bars that pass stringent quality checks are dispatched from the factory. Careful handling and packing of the bars on the shop floor ensure that the bars are not damaged during transit from our factory to the customer’s warehouse.

Size Range and Dimensional Tolerances

In InchesIn mm
1/4″ to 1-1/2″+0.000/-0.001″6 to 100Available in f7, f8, h7, h8, h9
1-9/16″ thru 4″+0.000/-0.0015″
Length2 meters – 7.5 meters (8 feet to 24 feet)
OvalityHalf of diameter tolerance
Straightness0.25 mm per meter min
(Allowable Deviation: 0.0015″ per foot T.I.R. Cumulative.)
Surface FinishRa : 0.2 µ / 12 RMS max
(free of any nicks, scratches and/or inclusions.)
Identification1/4″ to 1-3/16″ (6mm to 30mm) : Colour code at both ends.
1-3/16″ to 4″ (30mm to 100mm) : Colour code on one end. Other end stamped.
PackagingBars will be lightly oiled, collared separately, nylon or paper interlaced, and bundled securely in such a manner to prevent damage to both finish and straightness. All bars shall be placed in strong wooden boxes.

Heat Treatment Capability

Soft Annealed+ ANormalized+ N
Annealed for cold Shearing+ SHardening and Tempering+ V
Spheroidised Annealing+ BGIsothermal Annealing+ I
Solution Annealed+ ATAs Rolled+ AR
Spherodized Annealed+ ACStress Relieved+ SR
Quenched and Tempered+ QTNormalized and Tempered+ NT
Quenched and Double Tempered+ QDTTreated to obtain a range of hardness+ TH
Spheroidised Annealing+ GKZTreated for ferrite-pearlite structure+ FP

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