Stainless steel 1.4105 430F

Everything you need to know about martensitic stainless steel X6CRMOS17, 1.4105 430F, AISI 430F, according to EN 10088-1

What is Grade 1.4105 430F Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel grade 1.4105 430F is a free martensitic stainless steel. It can be used in both tempered and annealed states. Stainless steel grade 1.4105 430F cannot be used for welding, but the increased sulfur content ensures high workability.

Grade 1.4105 430F stainless steel has the following properties:

  1. Moderate corrosion resistance
  2. Good processability
  3. Good strength

Why use stainless steel 1.4105 430F?

Grade 1.4105 430F stainless steel is perfect for producing products that require high machinability. of the raw material. The quality of stainless steel can also be forged.

The high carbon content in the chemical composition allows thermal improvement. It also improves strength.

What is the chemical composition of stainless steel 1.4105 430F?

The chemical composition of stainless steel 1.4105 430F is:

1.4105 430F steel chemical element % present
Carbon (C) [Max] 0.08%
Manganese (Mn) [Max] 1.50%
Silicon (Si) [Max] 1.50%
Chromium (Cr) 16 to 18%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.20 to 0.60%
Phosphorus (P) [Max] 0.040%
Sulphur (S) [Max] 0.15 to 0.35%

How to work with 1.4105 430F steel

1.4105 430F steel hot work and heat treatment temperature
Hot Forming °C Soft Annealing °C
1150 to 815 850 to 750
Cooling with Air

Applications in stainless steel 1.4105 430F

The main applications of stainless steel 1.4105 430F include:

  1. Automobiles
  2. Furniture parts
  3. Ball valves
  4. Nitric acid plants
  5. Tool holder

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