Anti-Friction Bearing Steel: All You Need to Know About Anti-Friction Bearing Steel, Anti-Friction Bearing Steel Grades Available

What is Anti-Friction Bearing Steel

When machines and their components are exposed to high dynamic stress, extreme demands are imposed on the steel as well. This high stress would hardly be feasible without anti-friction-bearing steel. This is the case with gearboxes or ball bearings.

The anti-friction bearing steel is a type of stainless steel that contains alloying elements such as chromium, manganese, or nickel in addition to carbon. As the name suggests, the steel has anti-friction properties. This ensures that the components made out of anti-friction-bearing steel will ease the movements of parts.

For instance, if you consider ball bearings, they need to reduce friction, carry the load, and guide parts. For this, they need to be formed of anti-friction materials.

The anti-friction bearing steel is wear-resistant and is easy to harden. While they may show low resistance to rusting, they have a very long service life.

What are the Applications of Anti-Friction Bearing Steel

Anti-friction-bearing steel has several applications. A few of them are:

  1. Boilers
  2. Turbines
  3. Steam lines

Anti-Friction Bearing Steel Grades You Should Consider

If you are looking for anti-friction-bearing steel and do not know which grade steel to choose, you can click on each of the grades below to know more about them.

Here are the anti-friction bearing steel grades we offer:

1.3505100Cr62S135, 535A99100C6521009Ch1

Looking for Anti-Friction Bearing Steel?

As mentioned above, we offer 2 anti-friction-bearing steel grades for you to choose from. Reach out to us if you want to know more about this specific steel grade or our other products.

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