1.6510 Structural Alloy Steel

Everything You Need to Know About 39CrNiMo3, 816M40, 40NCD3, 9840, 40ChN2MA, 1.6510 Alloy Steel EN 10083-3 2006

1.6510 Alloy Steel Description

1.6510 alloy steel is steel with a high hardening capacity. The 39CrNiMo3 alloy steel also shows good cold workability. Being a steel grade that has good toughness, the 1.6510 structural alloy steel can achieve optimum mechanical properties as well. The 39CrNiMo3 alloy steel can be hardened in oil and water. Though limited, it is weldable.

1.6510 Alloy Steel Applications

The 1.6510 alloy steel has a good set of properties that makes it a suitable material to create various products and parts. It can be used in various applications. This includes:

  1. Forged propeller shafts
  2. Landing gear components
  3. Steam turbine rings
  4. Steam turbine shafts
  5. Automotive accessories
  6. Engine pump parts
  7. Heavy-duty machinery parts
  8. Crankshaft
  9. Press parts
  10. Propeller hub

1.6510 Alloy Steel Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of 1.6510 alloy steel is:

1.6510 steel chemical element % present
Carbon (C) [Max] 0.35 to 0.43%
Manganese (Mn) 0.50 to 0.80%
Silicon (Si) 0.40%
Chromium (Cr) [Max] 0.60 to 1.00%
Molybdenum (Mo) [Max] 0.15 to 0.25%
Nickel (Ni) [Max] 0.70 to 1.00%
Phosphorus (P) [Max] 0.025%
Sulphur (S) [Max] 0.035%

1.6510 Alloy Steel Heat Treatment

1.6510 steel hot work and heat treatment temperature
Hot forming°C Quenching °C Tempering °C Stress Relieving °C Carbonitriding °C
1100 to 900 840 to 850 550 to 650 50 under the tempering temperature 870 to 880 Gas tempering 150 to 200
Cooling by oil or polymer or water Cooling by air

1.6510 Alloy Steel Properties

Here are the properties of 1.6510 alloy steel:

  1. Readily machinable
  2. Weldable

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