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1.4028 Stainless Steel

All You Need to Know About Martensitic Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel X46CR13, 1.4028, S42020, According to EN 10088-1, ISO 4957


What is 1.4028 Stainless Steel Grade

The 1.4028-grade stainless steel is martensitic chromium-grade steel. While this steel grade contains an average of 13% chromium, it does not have any nickel content. The carbon content in the chemical composition of the 1.4028 stainless steel grade is what differentiates and gives the property of high endurance

The 1.4028-grade stainless steel has the following properties:

  1. Low corrosion resistance
  2. Low embodied energy
  3. More hardenable than 1.4021
  4. Ferromagnetic


Why use 1.4028 Stainless Steel

1.4028-grade stainless steel contains a higher amount of carbon. Due to this chemical composition, the stainless steel grade shows higher endurance because of which is more hardenable.

Though the steel exhibits low corrosion resistance, at room temperature, 1.4028 stainless steel grade will work in contact with some of the carbonates, acetates, and hydroxides.


What is the chemical composition of 1.4028 stainless steel?

The chemical composition of 1.4028 stainless steel is:

1.4028 steel chemical element % present
Carbon (C)  0.26 to 0.35%
Manganese (Mn)  1.50%
Silicon (Si) [Max] 1.00%
Chromium (Cr) 12.0 to 14.0%
Phosphorus (P) [Max] 0.040%
Sulphur (S)  ≤ 0.030%


How to work with 1.4028 steel

1.4028  steel hot work and heat treatment temperature
Hot Forming °C Annealing °C Quenching  °C Tempering  °C
1100 to 800 745 to 825 950 to 1050 625 to 675
Slow cooling Cooling with  Air Cooling with Oil, Air


1.4028 stainless steel applications

The main areas of applications of 1.4028 stainless steel include:

  1. Drops
  2. Glands
  3. Piston rods
  4. Springs
  5. Cutlery and blades


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