Supplied in the sizes
15.0 mm*16.0 mm*17.0 mm*18.0 mm*18.3 mm19.0 mm*
20.0 mm21.0 mm*22.0 mm23.0 mm*23.5 mm24.0 mm
25.0 mm26.0 mm27.0 mm27.5 mm*28.0 mm29.0 mm*
30.0 mm31.0 mm*32.0 mm33.0 mm34.0 mm35.0 mm
36.0 mm37.0 mm38.0 mm39.0 mm*40.0 mm42.0 mm
45.0 mm46.5 mm*48.0 mm50.0 mm52.0 mm*53.0 mm
56.0 mm56.5 mm*58.0 mm*60.0 mm62.0 mm*63.0 mm
65.0 mm70.0 mm73.0 mm75.0 mm78.0 mm*80.0 mm
85.0 mm90.0 mm95.0 mm100.0 mm105.0 mm110.0 mm
115.0 mm120.0 mm125.0 mm130.0 mm*135.0 mm*140.0 mm*
150.0 mm*160.0 mm*
* Select Grades Only
Heat TreatmentSoft Annealed+ ANormalized+ NAnnealed for cold Shearing+ S
Hardening and Tempering+ VSpheroidised Annealing+ BGIsothermal Annealing+ I
Solution Annealed+ ATAs Rolled+ ARSpherodized Annealed+ AC
Stress Relieved+ SRQuenched and Tempered+ QTNormalized and Tempered+ NT
Quenched and Double Tempered+ QDTTreated to obtain a range of hardness+ THSpheroidised Annealing+ GKZ
Treated for ferrite-pearlite structure+ FP
Round black bar toleranceEN 10060
100% Ultra Sonic tested
100% Crack tested
RadioactivityMaterial free from radioactivity. Material not welded. Material free from mercury and toxic contamination.
Anti-mix test100% through spark test
LengthUpto 11500mm

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